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Osprey Return

Osprey have returned and the nesting season begins.  Everyday more signs of spring emerge.


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What The?

Take your best guess as to what this is and leave it as a comment.


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First Yellowlegs

Last week the first Ospreys arrived back in Delaware and today I saw the first Yellowlegs of the season.  I shot this pair this afternoon in 71 degree temperature.  Spring is truly beginning to pop. 


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The Lucky Goose

Sometimes a lucky goose finds something good to eat that none of the others found.  When this happens it is best to run away with the prize.


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End of the Ice Days

It warmed up in Delaware today, so perhaps this is the last ice we see this year.  Let’s hope!


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Fox on Ice

This fox came out just before sunset, scanned the countryside and then proceeded out onto a frozen pond in late afteroon sun in search of dinner.



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Great Dune Snowstorm

This is the March 2 snowstorm at Cape Henlopen, looking from the Great Dune to the ocean.


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Flying Snow

We had a nice snowstorm last night that lingered throughout the day today.  Just before sunset large flocks of Snowgeese worked over a field in search of food.  These two were photographed changing position in a light snow.


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Black-crowned Night Heron

Have you ever seen a Black-crowned Night Heron before?  Well if you haven’t here is one very up close and personal.


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Clapper Rail

I often refer to The Sibley Guide to Birds for identification and information on birds. This terrific book says that Rails are “shy and secretive” I agree. I spend a lot of time in marshes looking for photographic subjects and, although I hear them quite often, I rarely see these beautiful birds. This afternoon as I photographed a Black-crowned Night Heron, a Clapper Rail walked out onto the mud just in front of me and could not have cared less that I photographed its actions for several minutes. To him I say, thank you!



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