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Brave Eagle

Native Americans idolized Bald Eagles, summoning their power to help them. A close look at this powerful, majestic bird with sharp talons as well as sharp eyes leaves little wonder why we still use the term ‘eagle’ when we want to imply strength and bravery. They do suggest that, don’t they?

Eagles 2.21.2010_022110_2233

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3 Eagles, 2 Photographs

I caught these three Bald Eagles playing before sunrise recently.

Eagles Sunrise 12.30.2009_123009_9062

Eagles Sunrise 12.30.2009_123009_9070

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Birds of Summer

Continuing in the vein of really looking forward to the return of the birds of summer, I checked back to see when I first photographed egrets last spring. This Snowy Egret was shot on April 16 last year. I’ll start looking closely for them toward the end of this month.

Egrets Fishing24-16-2009_041609_7349

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Royal Terns

I looked back at the Royal Tern colony that I shot last June. Here are two that make me look forward to seeing them again soon.

Royal Terns 6-14-2009_061409_1823

Royal Terns 6-14-2009_061409_1891

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Carolina Chickadee

I watched this little chickadee as it fed this afternoon. Like most small birds it was frenetic in its movements as it flitted from branch to branch. I felt lucky to get a photograph as it undoubtedly reflected on where to speed off to next.

Chickadee 2.27.2010_022710_2607

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Eagle Launch

Another in the eagle series. Anybody getting tired of them yet?

Eagles 2.21.2010_022110_2232.1

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Eagle Portrait Outake

Yesterday I posted a nice portrait of our regal national bird. As majestically as they posed, only a few brief minutes later they lost all composure as one flew off, nearly pushing its tree-mate off in the process. I think I overheard the lower bird protest in eagle-ese, ‘Hey watch it, bird brain.’

Eagles 2.21.2010_022110_2171

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Doubling Up the Eagle Eyes

The number of Bald Eagles in Delaware has been rising over the past few years. Honestly, rarely a day goes by that I don’t see at least one eagle somewhere in my travels. Yesterday morning I saw two, stacked up in a tree looking out over a creek for a fish to convert into breakfast.

Eagles 2.21.2010_022110_2154

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Tundra Swan at Sunrise

I saw these Tundra Swan at sunrise this morning.


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GBH On Ice

The marshes in Delaware have ben thawing out a little over the past couple of days. As a result, the open water is getting larger and I am seeing more birds coming back to fish in the marsh. This Great Blue Heron lifted off with ice as a backdrop this afternoon.

GBH Swans 2.20.2010_022010_1741

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