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Perigean Full Moon

The haze over the ocean blurred the moon slightly last night, but here is the rise of the big perigean full moon at the beach in Lewes, DE.

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Who doesn’t love a yearling deer. Probably many people who lose their gardens to them, but this one confines itself to the vegetation within Cape Henlopen State Park. I found this young deer the other night enjoying a snack just before sunset.

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Return of the Skunk

Skunk cabbage, that is. A sure sign of spring is skunk cabbage growing in swamps. We had a beautiful warm day here today and I swung by a nice wet area on the way home from work and found these beautiful green harbingers of spring.

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Peek A Boo, Piebald

For several years now this piebald deer has been a popular member of the herd that lives near the entrance to Cape Henlopen State Park. I found her tonight with her yearlings in the woods peeking out at me.

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Closing Down Winter

Last year’s bittersweet and an empty snow filled bird nest. Symbols of winter as we reach the last few days the cold, sometimes bittersweet season.

Spring’s A Knockin’

First day of daylight savings time today, and the air was warm with lots of sun. Daffodils bloomed this week and I couldn’t resist the urge to photgraph the first flowers of spring.

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Double-crested Cormorant

Perhaps the Paul Newman of the bird world, Doublu-crested Cormornats have distintive blue eyes. I like the way this guy’s neck twisted as it scanned the water.

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Dune Shadows

Still thinking monochromatically tonight, so I went searching for this image from 2009.

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B&W Fall

Messing around with b&w conversions tonight and made this image of fall.

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The Burning Tree

The sun setting directly behind a tree fired up the sky recently.

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