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Ready For Summer

It is difficult to wrap your brain around the fact that 12 weeks from now people will be lined up at this Dewey Beach ticket shack, burning their feet on hot sand waiting for a cool sail out over Rehoboth Bay to beat the heat. They will be hot, thirsty and sweaty, and maybe even a little grouchy because there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for the July heat wave. As I shot this in the snow yesterday I thought about that and concluded rapidly, BRING IT!!

Snowstorm  Scenes Towns and Woods 3.17.2014_4682

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My Favorite Light

I love the unique and special light that comes on days that the sun rises into a small clear break in the eastern sky with heavy clouds to the west. The clear light and the dark clouds make subjects glow brightly in a very rare way. This morning the Broadkill River in Lewes was lit up just this way and fortunately the wind had dropped out to dead calm leaving a mirror surface to bounce the light and reflect objects in the water. I grabbed my camera and made a few photographs in the very few minutes of special light.

Sunrise Broadkill River 3.14.2014_4516

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Snowy Canalfront Park

The Canalfront Park in Lewes was not an inviting location during the snowstorm on the third, but was a great place to photograph the storm.

Snowstorm Lewes Afternoon 3.3.2014_4112

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Atlantic Washing Machine

Sudsy, rotating action in the surf at Cape Henlopen.

Waves Cape H 3.8.2014_4297

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Dunes are formed by blowing sand which is laid down as one thin layer at a time over a long period of time until a small hill forms. Wind that forms dunes can also tear them apart revealing those striated layers that formed the core of the dune. This makes for interesting patterns that photographers sometimes see as interesting subjects. I found this at Cape Henlopen State Park this afternoon.

Dunes Strata Cape H 3.9.2014_4484

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Happy Beach Day

We finally had a beautiful spring-like Saturday and I was drawn to the beach late in the day in search of wave photographs. There were a lot of people on the beach enjoying the warm afternoon as well as this dog who was following a football thrown between two friends. To me, he summed up the joy of the day better than anything else.

Waves Cape H 3.8.2014_4476

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Osprey Return

I saw my first Osprey of the year today along the canal in Lewes. This is a photograph of two young ones from a few years ago to celebrate the return, a true sign of spring here at the Delaware coast.

Osprey Nest 7-13-2008_071308_6410

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Hunkered Down

While out shooting snow scenes yesterday I stumbled upon this Great Blue Heron that was not enjoying the day at all. What with snow accumulating on its shoulder and back and standing in knee deep icy water hoping that the thin brown reeds afforded adequate cover to allow for a quiet afternoon. Hunkered down and waiting it out, it had the human look of ‘come on, enough is enough’ or at least that’s the way I read its expression.

Snowstorm Lewes Afternoon 3.4.2014_4124

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Coming In Like A Lion

March is infamous for rugged starts and calm endings. So…it snowed today here in Lewes and the temperature tonight may approach 10 degrees. I’m looking forward to the other end of the March barbell to be equally extreme in the opposite direction, 80 degrees by the end of the month!! What do you say?

Snowstorm Lewes Afternoon 3.3.2014_4038

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Red Sky In Morning…

A storm is coming and the sky was sending its message this morning in Rehoboth Beach. I’m looking forward to getting out in the snow tomorrow with my camera for storm photos.

Rehoboth Sunrise 3.2.2014_3821

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